Post Pandemic

or not?

In the United States, all COVID variants are retreating (for now), and social environments are quickly returning to normal. But COVID has been a divisive political as well as health battle. And the work environments and staffing options continue to seek stability.

Even with less than half of the populations vaccinated, the USA public has enough "herd immunity" to slow down (for now) the number of new infections.

But in Asia and Europe, COVID and its variants are creating new calls for social distancing and mask mandates.

So, in reality, the Post Pandemic world is not close to being the Pre Pandemic world.

Reductions in international travel (particularly in Asia), fewer trade shows, and remote work locations, are here to stay.

Employees are empowered, from increasing pay to the choice of where and how they work.

Those trends are driving the digital options needed to support this new world.

Let's discuss how Belfino Group can help you navigate what's next.


Barry Rutherford

Founder/Managing Director

Belfino Group.LLC

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