Five Predictions

  • Misinformation will increase. Not a surprise-digital misinformation will increase. Countries are already weaponizing information to manipulate public opinion and to create social divisions. Where and what the real news is will be a challenge.

  • Mental health will have more challenges. The Pandemic proved that the digital life can be replace some in-person connections, and create a new way to work. The digital life will continue post Pandemic, and, in fact will, accelerate. Real world connections may become the exception. And that means, isolation will increase.

  • But, overall quality of life will improve. Home based work will increase, which will reduce urban air pollution, allow for migration to smaller cities, and provide digital support for in-home care and people with disabilities.

  • Career paths will change. The Pandemic was a catalyst to drive increased automation, artificial intelligence and robotics, all of which will reduce the need for in-person staffing. Employers will globally outsource labor to the lowest cost.The gig economy will expand.

  • Risks and security needs will both increase. The Pandemic drove more people to rely on digital systems, from health care to remote location employment. And this digital reliance will increase the likelihood of hacking and misinformation. But security surveillance and government oversight will increase.

Confusing isn't it? What we do know is that things always change. And never stay the same.

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Barry Rutherford

Founder/Managing Director

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